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Jatheon Unveils New Remote System Monitoring for Email Archiving
Posted: Wed Mar 03, 2010 10:01:00 AM
Jatheon Technologies, a leading provider in Plug n Comply™ email archiving appliances, announces the availability of a new industry leading capability, proactive remote system monitoring. In addition to providing email archiving, compliance, and reporting on both PnC2 and Dell based appliances, Jatheon's enterprise level appliances are now centrally monitored, 24/7 by Jatheon.

Clients will now benefit from this enhanced service, free of charge, as part of our latest software release V3.0, which is available now. Email archiving is fast-becoming a critical IT service, and remote system monitoring is one of the many features that sets Jatheon's email archiving solution apart from the rest. As part of this new free centralized monitoring system, Jatheon will remotely monitor the health of all enterprise level archiving appliances, including: hard disc drives and RAID; storage usage and disc space; physical temperature; file system; email processing; event logs; and system performance. This allows us to ensure that your appliance remains available at all times and also ensures that there are minimum interruptions to your daily business.

"We are excited about offering this valuable enhancement to our email archiving solution and are confident that it will give our enterprise clients greater security and improved efficiencies in managing their email archiving system," said Kieron Dowling, President at Jatheon Technologies. "Proactive remote monitoring significantly reduces system outages. If a non-critical event is detected, we notify the client and take proactive action. If a critical event is detected, we notify the client, and an escalation process is started to ensure the issue is addressed quickly and the client's mission critical data is protected at all times."
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