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Jatheon Instant Messaging Solution


Instant Messaging Archiving = Regulatory Compliance

Instant messaging is an important part of business operations for a wide variety of industries. As businesses become more global in nature, instant messaging offers a real-time method for communication and collaboration. Instant messaging used for business must also be viewed through the lens of compliance as they can be recalled, when necessary, for business and legal issues.

Chat logs are subject to relevant laws and regulations, in the same way as social media posts and emails. Companies using instant messaging in a professional capacity have to consider a secure archiving solution and often need to have one in place for compliance purposes. Without a solution in place, companies dealing with those regulations may be subject to fines and other penalties.

A Comprehensive Solution

Our instant messaging archiving solution offers security and versatility to meet the needs of many different organizations. More advanced and functional than a simple mass backup system, our software reliably indexes chat logs and keeps them safe in on-site storage. This indexing feature facilitates our search, which eliminates many of the issues associated with record retrieval while making the process more efficient. The versatility of our solution allows organizations to customize various aspects of the archiving process, providing a custom fit, regardless of industry or set of regulations.

A Multitude of Benefits

While the major advantage of our instant messaging archiving solution is secure and complete access to chat logs, the benefits don’t stop there. Our on-site storage is ultimately more secure and effective for retaining data than a cloud-deployed solution. Our deduplication process and other advantages reduce server load and associated costs (time and labour). The standard 24/7 monitoring and response solution reduces strain on IT departments and allows them to focus on other tasks. With Jatheon’s instant messaging archiving solution, your company becomes more compliant and more effective.