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Sceptre Investment Counsel Selects Jatheon Technologies to Replace Its Problematic IBM Email Archiving System
Posted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 03:35:30 PM
Jatheon provides reliable, easy to use email archiving platform for Sceptre's electronic communication and eDiscovery needs.

August 17, 2010 - Jatheon Technologies, a world leader in email archiving and management solutions, today announced that Sceptre Investment Counsel Limited (TSX:SZ), a leading Canadian independent investment management firm, has selected Jatheon's email archiving solution to replace its current IBM email archiving platform.

After originally purchasing an IBM email archiving system , Sceptre was forced to look for a replacement email archiving solution that was easier to install and capable of meeting its demanding email communication and eDiscovery requirements. After evaluating many different email archiving options on the market, Sceptre selected Jatheon for its vast feature set, ease of use, and fast turn-key deployment.

"Jatheon was selected by Sceptre as the most suitable email system that could meet our main email archiving objectives; simple to install, easy to use, and cost effective. The rich feature set and intuitive interface of the Jatheon appliance is far more superior to our old IBM system," said Randy MacFarland with Sceptre Investment Counsel Ltd. "The migration of our data to the Jatheon system only took 20 minutes and we were up and running. Locating a single email use to be time and resource intensive; with Jatheon we can identify a single email using search criteria such as keyword or phrase and retrieve it in seconds."

"The selection by Sceptre Investment Counsel is a remarkable validation of the value of Jatheon as a comprehensive email archiving solution for eDiscovery, simplified user search, retention and retrieval of mission critical data," said Kieron Dowling, President at Jatheon Technologies. "We are pleased to be selected as the best of the archiving solutions Sceptre evaluated and we look forward to working with them."

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