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Jatheon Regulatory Compliance Solution


Address Regulatory Compliance Needs with a Comprehensive Data Archiving Solution

Regulatory compliance is a critical requirement for businesses in various industries. Often, regulations require organizations to store unstructured digital communications for potential review and retrieval during audits etc. so, a strong yet flexible solution is needed.

Unstructured data archiving takes the vast amount of daily digital communications made via unstructured media (emails and instant message chat logs) and makes them structured and secure. With a comprehensive solution in place, organizations can rest easy knowing their compliance needs are exceeded.

A Granular, Searchable Index and Compliant Storage

While data backups and archiving solutions may sound similar on the surface, there are many unique advantages offered by the latter. One of the most important aspects of regulatory compliance is indexing. Instead of a mass backup that represents the data that was present on an organization’s servers at a given point in time, unstructured data archiving improves searchability through indexing.

Our specific indexing process makes records far more accessible which in the future saves valuable time and effort on the part of staff when an audit occurs. Employees no longer have to hunt down the correct chat logs, emails and social media posts by combing through epic amounts of unorganized data. Archiving and indexing offers a more complete and functional method for both retaining necessary data and accessing it as needed.

Compliancy in storage is another major consideration for companies with regulatory needs. Our archiving solution retains data in a number of formats, making sure saved information is both complete and stored in a secure and unalterable format dictated by the regulatory authorities.

Benefits in All Phases of the Solution

Our archiving solution offers best in class hardware and software for secure retention and retrieval of important information. Our on-site storage provides more security and stability than a cloud-based solution. Specialized storage, coupled with our process of removing duplicates, significantly reduces server load and associated costs. Finally, our 24/7 monitoring and response efforts provide an additional layer of security by ensuring that issues are dealt with quickly. This monitoring also alleviates stress on your IT professionals, so they can focus on other crucial aspects of your company.