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Jatheon Social Media Monitoring Solution


A Flexible, Secure and Complete Social Monitoring Solution

Social media is an explosive and successful business resource with a wide variety of applications. Whether the networks used are internal or external and regardless of the specific forms of outreach done through these platforms, it’s critical that businesses and organizations have complete visibility into what’s said. Additionally, controls that prevent the sharing of sensitive, proprietary information or posts that negatively affect a company’s brand, provide a high level of proactive governance, protecting a business’ reputation. Social media monitoring needs are different for every business, so our solution allows a wide range of personalization to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of organizations.

Capture and Archiving

Retaining some or even all messages/posts is often a vital component of a complete social media monitoring and risk management solution. A variety of capture methods, from proxy-based to endpoint capture, place an emphasis on retention. Organizations that need to retain social media records can confidently do so with our solution.


With so many contacts made as well as links and documents shared over social media, it’s important to have safeguards in place that stop unauthorized access as well as limit liability. With the range of features offered by our solution, including access controls, rogue account identification, identity management and the disclaimers, all aspects of social media use become more secure.

Control and Supervise

Pattern-matching technology stops rogue posts, whether they contain sensitive company information or words or phrases that would reflect poorly on the organization. Better than after-the-fact reporting, this advantage better protects a company’s identity and allows for significant policy compliance efforts to occur in real time. Alerts and reporting allow supervisors and leaders to understand where posts that were stopped by the security and control measures originated, improving insight. Supervisory measures enable more immediate control, allowing for embargoes on messages that contain time-sensitive data or words and patterns that require further review before a post makes it to a company social media account.

Maximize Time and Labour Savings

All of these elements combined create a powerful and comprehensive social media monitoring solution. Our solution automates a great deal of the processes involved in social media monitoring, removing the need for IT staff to spend valuable time manually monitoring recent posts or dealing with the issues that surround such efforts. Instead, organizations can reduce time and labor related to social media monitoring while also improving results and being proactive in an effort to increase security.