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Jatheon Email Archiving Solution


Maintain Order and Improve Compliance With Comprehensive Email Archiving

While email is no longer the only form of unstructured digital communication used by businesses, government agencies, nonprofits and other professional organizations, there’s little doubt it’s still one of the most popular. All organizations – large, small and public, private – share a significant amount of information via email (and other unstructured communication). The unstructured nature of email can mean trouble when it comes to a regulatory audit or when an E-Discovery request is received, along with wasted time and effort spent trying to retrieve the right records.

Confidence in Secure Archiving

Archiving is the best solution for businesses that need to retain emails for regulatory needs or business productivity reasons. Our archiving solution offers many advantages, far more advanced and functional than a basic backup. Indexing takes the hundreds (even, thousands!) of emails sent and received on a daily basis and saves them in a stable, easily searchable format. Secure and compliant storage options save emails in the file types, and for the appropriate amount of time required by various industry regulations.

These elements, along with safe on-site storage, make our solution a valuable and effective one for a wide variety of businesses and organizations. With a scalable infrastructure and the ability to implement new, custom retention rules while utilizing the many that come included with our software, organizations can realize an email archiving solution that truly meets all of their needs.

Benefits Beyond Email Archiving

Our comprehensive solution takes more than just the action of indexing and securely storing email exchanges into account. Our deduplication process for archiving and other improvements reduce total server load and associated costs as compared to a less-functional bulk backup system. With the 24/7 monitoring and response we offer to all clients, an organization’s IT staff can have its workload reduced and focused on more important initiatives. Our solution centers on effective email archiving and expands on it to provide the best possible results, care and support for our customers.