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Jatheon cCore 12
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Jatheon Products
Jatheon cCore 12 Email Archiving solution
cCore 12 on-premise Email Archiving solution
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Jatheon’s cCore appliance family provides an enterprise-grade simple, secure and scalable on-premise solution. “ergo”, Jatheon’s proprietory best-in-class software captures all incoming, outgoing, and internal messages, checks them against user-defined rules, flags and notifies any violations, indexes and stores the messages for future search and easy retrieval.

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Comprehensive Search Functions
Jatheon’s appliances offer comprehensive search functions either through a secure web based interface or by an integrated Microsoft Outlook Plug-in.

Customized Message Monitoring and Easy Compliance
Companies can monitor messages for company policy violations or regulatory compliance. Users have access to all of their personal data and compliance officers can package information as PST files or export the messages in a Portable Document File (PDF) format.

Advanced Reporting and Exporting
All Jatheon appliances include advanced message reporting, exporting to PDF or PST file formats, the ability to save common searches, searchable audit trail for all activities, LDAP and Active Directory integration, and secure access via a web browser or Outlook Plug-in.

Fully Compatible with All Major Platforms
The appliance will work across many network platforms and email systems with interfaces available for platforms such as MS Exchange, GroupWise, Lotus Notes and others.

Proprietory Self-healing Storage Technology
Email archives are precious corporate assets. To protect them from potential damage or loss, Jatheon takes advantage of a self-healing storage technology which continuously repairs damaged data caused by deterioration of magnetic disks.

24/7 Proactive System Monitoring and Response
Jatheon’s solution includes The Jatheon Guarantee, real time remote monitoring services that deliver extensive system status and performance data directly to Jatheon technical support. This allows rapid, proactive response and intervention for any software, hardware or network connectivity issues further reducing the load on your IT team, increasing your organizations’ efficiency and productivity and adding to your peace of mind.


  • Remote System Monitoring
  • Full Indexing & Archiving
  • Message Compression
  • Single Instance Storage
  • Search & Retrieval
  • Retention Policy Management
  • Legal Hold
  • Role Based Administration
  • Outlook Plugin
  • Tamper Proof OS & Storage
  • Comprehensive Audit Trail
  • Web Based Interface
  • Comprehensive Reporting & Statistics


Jatheon cCore 12 Specifications
Processors Intel Xeon E3-1220V3 3.1 8M cache (4x cores / 4x threads)
Memory 32 Gb ECC (max 32 Gb)
Chipset Intel C222/C244
Network Controllers 4 x 1000BASE Gbit Ethernet
Interface IPMI Interface
Form factor 1U rackmount
Dimensions 437mm(W) x 43mm(H) x 503mm(D)
Cooling system 4x 4cm 12.5K RPM PWM fans
Storage SSD: 1 x 120GB SATA III 2.5”
SAS: 4 x 3TB 6.0Gbps 3.5” 128MB cache 7200RPM (hot swap)
ZFS Self-healing
Auto Bit Rot Recovery
Unlimited file system snapshots for archive protection and backups
Super efficient file system replication
Data Integrity Verification
Protection Against Data Corruption
Graphics Intel HD Graphics
Front Panel
  • Power On/Off button
  • System Reset button
  • Power LED
  • Hard drive activity LED
  • 2x Network activity LEDs
  • System Overheat LED
  • 2x Front USB Ports
  • 1x Serial COM Port
Back Plane 1x SAS / SATA Backplane
Power Supply 350W AC power supply w/ PFC AC Voltage: 100-240 V, 50-60 Hz, 4.2-1.8 Amp +5V: 18 Amp +5V Standby: 3 Amp +12V: 29 Amp +3.3V: 15 Amp
Operating Environment / Compliance: USA - UL listed, FCC
Canada - CUL listed
Europe/CE Mark
EN 60950/IEC 60950-Compliant
Shipping Weight 42 lb


Download the Jatheon cCore 12 Datasheet (PDF).

Download the Jatheon Product Overview Datasheet (PDF).


Jatheon Products
Jatheon cCore 12 Email Archiving solution
cCore 12 on-premise Email Archiving solution
Please Call for Pricing!