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Best in Class Education Solutions

Educational institutions and school boards operate in a 24/7 environment due to monitoring student behaviour both in the classroom and outside. The line between on and off school time or grounds has blurred as students use social media in and out of class. Educators are now required to monitor internet browsing and social media to keep students safe and prevent liability issues for their schools.

Cyber Bullying
Cyber bullying is a problem that is often difficult to deal with. Monitoring unstructured data – social media posts/comments, or web searches – is critical for preventing instances of cyber bullying and harassment. Our monitoring software offers enhanced visibility and enables proactive responses on the part of educators and administrators.

Archiving for better retrieval
Archiving enables automated searches and alerts based on keywords, which enhances the ability to find potentially troublesome posts and search terms. Administrators can focus on the results of social media posts/comments and web searches instead of wasting valuable time on the process of finding it. With a focus on solving and resolving conflict, our complete education solution will allow educators to observe and respond to potential problems proactively.

Compliance is paramount
There is no need to worry about whether or not you are following regulations when it comes to your monitoring software and archiving tools. Our complete solution is always in full compliance with many state and federal regulations – including the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

The evolution of communication
Technology is rapidly changing at all times. Rather than worry about having to constantly ensure compliance and efficiency of your data solutions; let Jatheon ensure that you have tools to be proactive and compliant while eliminating time and resource waste in your educational institutions.


Accurate, Compliant, and Secure Solution for the Financial Industry

The financial industry is subject to some of the strictest regulatory requirements in the modern economy. Companies in the financial sphere need to secure and protect the vast amounts of unstructured communication data that moves throughout their networks on a daily basis. In addition, they need to be able to possess the tools to access this secure data quickly, accurately, privately, and securely.

Compliance – An ongoing issue in the financial industry

Regulations are a vital part of the financial industry. Thus, businesses must ensure they plan for compliance and use modern, relevant, and powerful solutions for protecting their information. Compliance can be complicated and painstakingly difficult, but our complete solution makes complying with necessary regulations a simple task.

Jatheon’s technology ensures compliance with:

  • U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)
  • Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)
  • Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)
  • Investment Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC)
  • Other similar governing bodies around the world

Our complete, end-to-end archiving solution makes compliance with many regulations a straightforward task. Our platform complies with FINRA six-year record retention equirements and electronic storage rules. Actions covered under FINRA’s fair dealing provisions are also more easily documented and shared, if needed. Many other related requirements, such as relevant SEC mandates including Dodd-Frank, are fulfilled completely. CFTC rules requiring five-year retention are followed to the letter with our solution, including the two-year, readily accessible data requirement. Additionally, our social archiving and monitoring ensures a high level of compliance with FCA social media and customer communication rules. Proving compliance with FCA rules requiring fairness and clarity is easy when past discussions are easily retrieved and shared with regulators.

Depending on industry and specific lines of business, compliance efforts can be quite complicated. With a powerful and wide-reaching archiving solution, businesses can develop confidence in their compliance plans and ensure the right information is retained as long as legally necessary.

A complete solution brings total benefit to the business

Powerful, secure, and reliable unstructured data archiving is the reason that our solution is above and beyond others. We eliminate the need for internal storage while maintaining security and functionality. In addition, we can help you to reduce server costs and IT costs, and free up your IT professionals to focus on more critical, higher-level tasks. Jatheon offers a modern, effective, and comprehensive solution that maintains compliance and exceeds the needs of the financial industry.


Complete Solution for Government Agencies

Governments are under a constant demand for information. Jatheon offers government organizations an email, data archiving, and eDiscovery solution. This all-in-one solution helps to increase speed, security, compliance, while significantly reducing your email server storage.

FISMA Compliancy & Security
Our email archiving and eDiscovery solutions enable FISMA-compliant security and reliability, so you can easily meet open records and eDiscovery requests quickly and easily.

Meet Information Requests Faster
Open records requests, FOI legislation, and eDiscovery document requests bog down government agencies. Our solution enables all relevant information to be available at your fingertips.

Better Than a Backup
Digging for data on a tape backup can take weeks and may not meet FISMA regulations. With Jatheon’s advanced customizable search features, finding data takes seconds.

Reduce Server & IT Costs
Our process compresses and removes duplicates to significantly reduce email server load and costs. Also, our 24/7 remote monitoring and response solution will assist with freeing up valuable IT time.


Compliance, Privacy and Security for Health Care Providers

Medical professionals need to keep records and communications secure and private. Unstructured data (discussions with patients or other professionals via digital platforms) needs to be kept secure while remaining available. A strong data archiving solution from Jatheon protects this data, improving compliance and privacy while keeping the information readily available for eDiscovery needs.

A premium is placed on digital security
Keeping information safe is not only a best practice but often a regulatory necessity in the health care industry. With a complete digital solution, Jatheon helps medical professionals avoid issues with unsecured storage drives, and the potential for disruption and security risk that comes with cloud storage. Our data archiving solution keeps vital information safe, secure, and close to the employees who need it.

More advanced than a backup
There is a more complete and advanced solution than simply backing up data in the health care industry. Archiving goes beyond simple backups by sorting and indexing data, which allows users to quickly and accurately find the information they require. Rather than finding weeks digging for that back up copy, you can use a simple search to locate the information you need.

Powerful searching capabilities
Our powerful and customizable search tools allow for quick and accurate access to your information, regardless of the type of unstructured data needed – emails, attachments, social media posts and chat logs, etc. Medical professionals can set specific search parameters to help them find the right piece of information with ease. This is especially useful with eDiscovery, where quick and accurate searching substantially decreases search time for valuable information.

Reduction of technical costs
Significant savings can emerge from using an archiving solution for unstructured data, rather than establishing and maintaining internal systems and staff. Health care providers can be confident that they are decreasing their server load/costs while increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Our 24/7 remote monitoring and response solution reduces costs and workload related to unstructured data archiving.

Professional Services:

Complete and Effective Data Archiving for Professional Services

There is often a wide variety of laws and regulations that occur within the professional services industry. It’s important to ensure compliance through proper retention and archiving of unstructured communication data. When organizations are obliged to retain digital communications – emails, social media posts, instant message chat lots – a flexible a secure archiving solution is vital.

Indexing and Granular Search

There are two main components of secure storage: effective archiving and regulatory compliance, and search and retrieval. Our solution indexes individual communications as it stores them in real-time; this creates an accessible database paired with a powerful search function. Our unmatched indexing and search functions are a major benefit to those in the professional services industry – ensuring a reduction in time, effort, and cost.

Benefits in All Phases of the Solution

Our archiving solution offers best in class hardware and software for secure retention and retrieval of important information. Our on-site storage provides more security and stability than a cloud-based solution. Specialized storage, coupled with our process of removing duplicates, significantly reduces server load and associated costs. Finally, our 24/7 monitoring and response efforts provide an additional layer of security by ensuring that issues are dealt with quickly. This monitoring also alleviates stress on your IT professionals, so they can focus on other crucial aspects of your company.